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  • Horizontal Autoclave is the online website of Bluestone Industrial & Trading Limited. Whether you are looking for Autoclave, Sterilizer, Medical Autoclave, Hospital Autoclave or Laboratory Autoclave, can help you manufacture this kind of sterilisation Equipments.

As a professional manufacturer of medical sterilization equipmens since 1996. We have accumulated experiences 17 years. Our Autoclave is famous in China Market with its good quality reputation and certificates, especially in government purchase projects. You will get more professional service from us!

  • Pulsating Vacuum Autoclave keep improving new tecnology and regarding the quality as the most important principle. In the past two years, we developed portable autoclave, table top autoclave, steam sterilizer, high pressure steam sterilizer, automatic autoclave sterilizer, pulsating vacuum autoclave, electric or LPG heated steam sterilizer and double door autoclave steriliser. All products have passed ISO, CE and other international quality standard certification.

  • Horizontal Pressure Steam Sterilizer

    The horizontal autoclave sterilizer adopted the way of gravity exchange to releasiing the cold air from the chamber to ensure the reliable sterilization. The control system automatically adjust the steam inlet and outlet according to the chamber temperature during sterilizing. It is an ideal equipment for clinics, scientific research institutes and other organizations to sterilize the surgical instruments, fabric glassed, culture media, etc...

  • Vertical Autoclave

    Vertical Autoclave are well used in medical line, such as hospital, clinic, also it can be used in a laboratory, small research institute or university. Whether you need to sterilize instruments, dressings and glass ware or culture medica. We can find the most proper model for your purpose. Enquiry us now to get the professional info and guide, save your time and money.

    Feel free to contact us at: is your source for quality Medical or Lab Autoclave, Sterilizer Manufacturer at affordable prices. Enquiry our all purpose selection of DISCOUNT Autoclave Machine!  vertical autoclavehorizontal autoclavedouble door autoclavevacuum autoclavehospital autoclaveautoclave sterilizer