Dry heat sterilization FH value

According to the People's Republic of China pharmaceutical machinery autoclave industry standard JB/T20093-2007 antibiotic bottle table cold tunnel sterilization dryer discussed:

Drying autoclave vertical and sterilization heat intensity FH (min), in accordance with the reference temperature T0 = 170 ° C under standard dry sterilization time draw. The eligibility criteria for FH ≥ 1365.

Calculated as follows: FH = Σ △ t10 (T1-T0) / z

Where: T1 - measured temperature;

T0 - to ensure sterilization temperature of 170 ° C

Z - elevated temperature sterilization rate, depyrogenation 54, sterilized 20

△ t - sterilization time, such as every half a minute that take the data to calculate the FH value of 10, 5min, then △ t 0.5.

FH values ​​add up to the channel 5min FH value (such as half a minute to take a data 5minFH 10 data together) the old-fashioned dry heat sterilization machine is the design in accordance with the actual sterilization temperature of 260 degrees, so its sterilization after 30 minutes, FH values ​​obtained Σ10 (260-170) / 54 = 1 392, the result is greater than 1365.

The new type of dry heat sterilization machine is in accordance with the actual sterilization temperature of 320 degrees design their sterilization 5 minutes, FH values ​​obtained for the Σ10 (320-170) / 54 = 2997.

Currently, the technology provided by Yan Fu ValteSoft4.3 version of the software, dry heat sterilization (in addition to the validation of pyrogen) we take T0 170 ℃ or 250 ℃, Z value is desirable 20,46.4,54 and so on. Available for the different needs adjustment select. Customers to self-regulation of the temperature value of T0 and Z values ​​in actual use.